Like A Virgin

Tis' the season for watching movies and shows like Sex and The City, Gossip Girl, and reading books like Eat, Pray, Love.  In short, I'm back and better than ever.  I feel like a new woman again, and I don't even know why. This weekend, I just felt this rush of transformation come over me. I'm ready for the next chapter and whatever life has to throw at me. Like I'm 20 years old and I really be stressing like I'm in my late 30's having some mid-life crisis. I want to cherish these years of confusion, fun, adventure and etc. I have been dreaming of my 20's since I was 11. This was the time in my life where I was going to make mistakes, travel, and just live and enjoy life. Instead, I've spent most of it ( bare with me, in my mind, I'm already 24) stressing and not happy...and I'm just not with it anymore. My 20's are going to be lit af emotionally, mentally, and physically. I already have everything I want right now   ( Thank you, God). I have my health, I have good grades, I have a great group of friends, I'm building my career, all I'm missing is the bag, and when I get the bag It's over!! I'm ready to spoil myself with all the things I want and deserve. I'm ready to take myself to the spa and get some lobster and shrimp. I'm ready to just pack up and leave and go anywhere I want. This is what I have always wanted, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make it come true.

" What an interesting, challenging, painful, and yet beautiful and exciting chapter of life....when it rains it pours but I'm embracing all of it. I'm excited for whatever else the universe has in store for me. She's glowing n she's grateful."

- Ariana Grande