Bigger Than Us

This past Friday, I attended a Worship Concert in Philadelphia. This concert was more than I expected. That night I was filled with warmth from the wave of emotions in the room. People dancing with tears in their eyes. People raising their hands in the sky with vulnerability.. it was captivating. However, something else stuck with me. During the concert, we were being taught about the different words used to explain worship. The beautiful word Zamar stuck out the most to me. Zamar means to make music and celebrate in art. It has the power to renew the human soul. This I know, because what I experienced renewed my soul once more. The music, the joy, the human interaction, the vulnerability renewed my soul. The strength by which I've been given allowed my soul to cleanse. It made me realize even more how much music and art is bigger than us. It is how we share our pain and joy. It is how we talk to god and talk to each other. It is how we heal and grow. The power of music is inevitable. The power of Zamar is undeniable.

Writing is my art. This is how I reach myself and reach people. This is how I celebrate. I can't show you guys what I experienced, but I hope one day you experience it through anything you desire. I pray that you open up your soul and allow its renewal. I pray you to open your arms and accept everything that is for you. For you, I pray, always.