Gracefully Broken

" God will break you to position you, break you to promote you...break you to put you in your right place. When he breaks you he doesn't hurt you. When he breaks you he doesn't destroy you....he does it with grace." Just let that sink in..and if you need to read it again.

Before Tasha Cobbs Leonard begins to sing "Gracefully Broken", she shares a brief message about the power of God, and the purpose he has for breaking us. When I listen to this song, I have to play it continuously. I need to hear the words " He will break you to position you, break you to promote you.." over and over again. I do it so I understand that what I may be going through currently is only to benefit me. It is to mold me and prepare me for my purpose. When we get in these moments of despair we become hopeless. However, this time I am trusting the universe and I am trusting myself. These past few months, I began to learn the power of self-trust, in which, led to amazing outcomes. Anytime that I lacked that self-trust I turned to God, and I turned to my devotions because they reassured me of my purpose. It has become more clear to me, that although my purpose in a whole is the same, it is still constantly shifting. This is something I couldn't say a year ago, and for that I am grateful. I felt the need to share this, because of how much emotion this song evokes for me each time I listen to it. I wanted to share this so that anyone that feels broken or unaligned now knows that the universe has its intentions with you. The universe works WITH you and WILL give you what you need, in order to, help you. Therefore, understand that moments like these are moments of realignment and growth. When you start to understand this, you will start to trust yourself more and trust that what is made for you, will come to you.