How I Found Love In Madrid

She was young, beautiful, but a bit lost. She had no direction, in this new place. Everything was different, she was different. She didn't know where she belonged in Madrid. She didn't know if she was ready to take on this journey. As she walked around aimlessly, she stumbled upon something so breathtaking. It was different, she had never felt this way before. It is as if the world stopped and it was only them. How would she approach it? She barely spoke the language of Spanish, let only love. But like I said she was different now, more fearless than before.....and so she did it. She walked in with bright eyes, and a beaming smile knowing she would have to do more than a smile." Here it goes" She whispered to herself.... and then she finally said, " Hola, uhhhh puedes no uh puedo tener un muffin de aranda---nos?". She knew she butchered that line, but her server understood and politely smiled back. As she waited for her muffin, the young women had a strong feeling. Something so strong she couldn't describe. As she waited on the muffin, she glanced at the sign next to her that said "Livanda". She hoped she pronounced it right because it sounded so pretty. Saying the name brought her a sudden rush of peace, and it was in the moment she knew. She knew her journey was just beginning.

It's been three weeks since I've left Madrid and Livanda still has me blushing. I'm telling you guys if you go to Madrid go to Livanda. If it managed to steal my heart, then you know it is worth it lol! However, even though I love Livanda, it wasn't the only thing that kept my attention. My reason for bringing it up first was to get away from the fact that we often equate love with romantic relationships...which is okay, but there are more ways than one to show or receive love.

" Love takes many forms. It is an infinite emotion that can never fully be contained. You can not make yourself stop loving someone. You can not choose who you fall in love with, you can love many people at the same time, but most of all, you can never stop reaching for it."

                                     - Ashley Young

I fell with no limitations in Madrid. I fell wholeheartedly into every scene, every walk, and every conversation, and I don't regret any of it. Because of this, I have now formed bonds with people from all over the US, knowing we may never see each other again.  We relished every moment we had together, and that was the best part....which is exactly what life is about. It's about living completely fearless within each moment. There is so much more to gain when we live without fear. When you limit yourself, you limit your blessings. I didn't want to block my blessings, so I came prepared. I came with my arms wide open, and Madrid embraced me in return. It gave me everything I needed to mend my heart, and make it whole again, and for that I am grateful.