Who Do You Do It For?

Who do you do it for? When you wake up in the morning and start your day, who do you do it for? When you decide to choose joy, who do you it for? When you choose the path you want to go down, who are you doing it for? When you start to realize who you do things for, that's when you can truly understand why you are doing something. Are you doing it for your happiness, and satisfaction or for someone else's?

Everything I do is for me, for/because of God, and for each of my baby cousins. I want to become someone that I am proud of day in and day out. I want to use the hand I've been dealt with to my advantage at all cost. I want to be everything I said I would be, so my cousins know that it is possible. I want them to know the drive, and passion I have. I want them to see everything I put in, just to receive endlessly. I want them to learn that even if they have me, I need them to have themselves. I need them to love themselves and trust themselves. So, when I ask them who they do it for....their first response is "Myself".

When you get older, you start to realize that when you do things for the likings and gratification of others it backfires. It backfires because no one is ever satisfied. They always want more. However, it's also important to understand that it is no one's job to be your cheerleader. You have to be that for yourself.