Just For Me

" You are the Whitest Black girl I know." I'm Sitting here remembering when I use to be told this and laughter fills me. It is hilarious to think that because I acted a certain way than what I was expected to that I would get labeled as a different race. Now, the older I am I realize how degrading that was for the people that would say that. It's almost as if they wanted me to lower my standards and act as the stigma that was placed upon our people. Our race and culture is full of king and queens, so why would one try to put another down for acting outside of the stigma? I know better now that those people were just ignorant, and I can't blame them. However, at one point I felt as If I was struggling a bit with my identity and how I should act, but never once did I fold and act out of character. I chose to be what I knew best and that was myself. I chose to be who I was raised to be and then some.