My Addiction

I am addicted to change. Whenever I feel stagnate, I become irritable. However, I don't view it as something negative. I feel like I have entered that prime in my life, where more opportunities are becoming present. I want to embrace these opportunities with open arms and continuously pursue change. The other day, I was having a conversation with someone on my reflection upon my past teenage years. I told him/her every year for the past 5 years, nothing has exactly remained the same in my life. I can identify each year and distinguish them from each other. I can pull from each one how I have grown and developed. It's important to know how to reflect on your life, and apply it to your present situation. As I'm typing this now, I am smiling uncontrollably because I know there are great things to come my way, as I allow the room for change.

This summer I am going to Madrid, Spain and to say I'm excited is an understatement. I feel like there is SO much I will gain from an experience such as this. It is somewhere I have always wanted to go, and I'm beyond grateful that I am able too. However, with this excitement comes anxiousness. Like I'm really about to have to navigate the airport alone without mommy or daddy lol!! Don't get me wrong I'm independent lol, but I never really paid attention when I was with them because they knew what was going on lol! But I got this, or I will get it hopefully!! Other than the slight fear of screwing something up at the airport, I have the slight fear of being taken. Soooo what I'm not gonna do is think about it to heavily lol, because I don't want anything to overshadow this beautiful journey I'm about to embark on!!!