The Root

People Change People, and that is a fact. However, there can not be change, and there can not be unity when there are people who are blind to the truth or only choose to see out of their lens. Yes, no one will ever fully be able to understand another..but there is empathy. There is the willingness to grasp an understanding; in order to, to glance out of someone else's lens. Our community is supposed to be our foundation, and we are not a community. We hate too much, rather than love. We are silent when we should speak, and most of all we are blind when we are capable of seeing what is in front of us. We are the root of the problem and will continue to be unless something gives. We have to give. We have to be honest with ourselves, and each other. Therefore, stop dismissing issues, stop sugarcoating the truth, and stop being silent. Silence does not equal a solution.