Aligning & Acquiring

“Allow people and things to walk away from you. Why would you want to stay connected to something that isn’t in perfect alignment with you?”

Y'all, growth is everything. The way we grow and develop is fascinating. Sometimes we get so caught up in the fact that there is more growth needed, that we don’t get to look at how far we have come. We forget to rejoice in the things we prayed to God about. I’m talking about the simplest of things. I use to pray to be surrounded by people filled with pure grace and bliss. I didn’t care who God had to take out of my life, because this is something I’ve always wanted. Little did I know, He took out people I wouldn’t have expected, but I didn’t fight it. I also didn’t hold out hope for future relationships/friendships. However, little by little, God started aligning me with those that I was supposed to be in alignment with. Little by little, He was replacing what He had taken out of my life.

If you know me, you know I’m not one for friends, and I’m a very “to myself” kind of person. However, I’m an extrovert in the sense that I feed off the energy of others, which is why I am very selective of who I keep around me. This is why He forced me to shift. I was at a point in my life where I began to attract the same kind of people as before. God forced me to see that these people I was attracting weren’t the people I needed to surround myself with. He allowed me to see a glimpse into what my future would look like. He let me know that what was for me would not pass me…and that was something I needed to hear. His message didn’t just stop there though. He continued to remind me, and He’s been doing it a lot lately.

For instance, I’ve been seeing the word “ alignment” everywhere. In quotes, pictures, lyrics, like literally EVERYWHERE!  It even popped up in a conversation with my mentor this past week. She was teaching me about the power of alignment and the role it plays in relationships. After our conversation, it allowed me to reflect on my past relationships, and the indications I had gotten about them but chose to ignore. It felt coincidental that all this was popping up now, but you know nothing is coincidental. This was written in my story, and everyone was placed in my life for a reason. I believe this season is about really focusing on those that God brought into alignment with me, and focusing on building my foundation with them. He reminds me that I am never alone, for His presence is constant. It’s because of Him that I have these beautiful, growing friendships. Friendships that won’t alter based off of flesh and ego. Friendships that are real, and push me to grow no matter what. Friendships that fill more than they take. Friendships that I want my future relationships to emulate, because I’m growing up, and my tastebuds are changing.