Unexpected Arrival

My journey here at Temple wasn’t always so clear and narrow. In fact, for the first two years, things were pretty stressful and hectic. I didn’t start my freshman year like many others. I spent my freshman year with 9 other classmates, wondering why the heck we were so far away and not on the main campus with everyone else. It took some time to immerse myself, and appreciate my first year. It’s ironic because now I catch myself wishing I could go back. I spent a lot of time that year just trying to figure out who I was, and who I’d be. Like what major I should choose, and ultimately what I wanted to do in the future. Somewhere between the late night thoughts, and constant revelations, I declared an Economics major and an International Business Minor. Honestly, I kind of just picked two random things that seemed like they would benefit me. I knew I wanted to be a business major, and that I’d want to travel, so I kind of put two and two together. I know lol probably not the best way to pick a major...but honestly it’s all the same. However, this unclear decision is what led to my path of confusion and stress. This decision is what led to my hectic sophomore year.

Sophomore year was so stressful! To paint you a picture, I lost 6 pounds within a semester…..and I was eating GOOD. Your girl was so stressed!! It seemed like no matter how hard I worked or studied I wasn't getting the results I wanted..especially in Math. This was clear to see when I ended up not passing the class with the required grade. Because of this, my academic plan was thrown off so much! It was going to be the reason, I wouldn’t have graduated on time. I spent every month going in and out of the advisor's office, and leaving with nothing but more confusion. I felt like I was getting further and further from figuring out my dilemma. It wasn’t until the end of June, that I figured out I had one more option, and it would pretty much be my last bet. The option was to switch to the Media and Communication school and pursue Advertising. My odds weren’t looking bad with this option, so I jumped on it.

That decision was the best academic decision I have made by far. I am now a second-semester Junior, pursing Account Management Advertising, as well as Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. I love it! It made me realize, that all the stress I went through last year was for a reason. It made me realize that I had other options, but my fear was forcing me to stay complacent. At the time, I didn’t realize that. The only fear I acknowledged was my fear of tests and my fear of failing in general. However, it was deeper than that. In a way, I feared challenging myself in other terms than academically. I had been so used to being restricted, and unheard that I silenced my own true wants and needs. Although, I chose to become an advertising major haphazardly...I know this is the path I’m supposed to be on. It made me realize that, although challenges build character and who we are, not all challenges are worth going through. Hear me out. The business school didn’t challenge me. Although I'm grateful for the knowledge and tools I’ve gained from there, it did not challenge me as a whole. In fact, it drained me more than challenged me. As an Advertising major, I have learned to step out of my comfort zone. At moments when I feel uncomfortable, I’m also excited and enthused by all that I have to learn. I’m able to test out my skills and realize areas that I need more work on. I want challenges that fuel me and inspire me because I don’t want to feel like I’m having a mid-life crisis when I’m only 20. I’m just trying to live, learn, and graduate tbh, so I want challenges and experiences that make all this ( the stress and them loans chilleeee) worth it.