Late Nights, Early Mornings

I want to go somewhere. My spirit is yearning for me to just pack up and leave for a while. Not out of fear, but out of a need to recharge. I never notice how much the school year takes out of me, until it’s over and I retreat back to my lovely suburban home. As I sit in peace here, all my thoughts become louder. I have more time to listen for what they are asking for. Except I feel a blockage, caused by physical & mental exhaustion. As I begin to grow more frustrated with myself, I must understand this is all part of another transition. The thought and process of transitioning is uncomfortable but at the same time exciting. However, I’m experiencing this transition in my beautiful small suburban town. The familiarity of this place puts me at ease & brings me comfort, but at the same time it suffocates me. I feel limited here, and frustrated often. And it’s not that I don’t love my town, or i’m not happy where I’m at in my life, because I am. I’m loving every moment of it, even the moments that I don’t always love. It’s just I need a place to recharge, to let my creativity come out and flow again, and I can’t do it here. I’m to familiar with this place. I have to much baggage in this place. I need a place that gets me out of my comfort zone, a place that can make me feel anew again.

And maybe I’m just dramatic, but this is what goes on in my head at night, and in the early morning.