The Importance Of Balance

I was scrolling through twitter today, and I came across a thread that inspired me to write this post. The thread focused on the parenting style that many minority parents often use. This parenting style is often described as strict/tough. This method is effective because it can groom a child into having many qualities. Qualities such as being respectful, hardworking, strong and etc. However, when this method lacks basic elements such as proper affection, acknowledgment, and communication it can hinder a child in the long run. Many parents would rather have their kids fear them because they believe it to be the most effective method. By doing this, you just affect the potential relationship you could have with your child. A relationship that has open communication, where fear is absent. The Fear of a consequence, disappointment, or resentment. Although, this doesn't mean that your parent should be your best friend because there should be a balance.

Growing up in a household where tough love has always been shown is something I have grown to appreciate. It has shaped me to be a strong woman, and resilient as well. However, open communication is something that has always lacked within my family. I don't blame my parents for this, due to the difference of upbringings. However, it is something I feel needs to be spoken upon. Why is that there can't be a balance? Why is tough love, better than lack of communication or stronger foundation? Why are our opinions or thoughts usually silenced? The more this is talked about, the more things will start to change in family dynamics. All we need is a happy medium, all we need is a balance.