Peace Of Mind

This weekend I spent time with my baby cousins. Watching them is like a job and a half, but I enjoy it. They always teach me something new, whether it is with their words or through their actions. I don't think society gives enough credit or respect when it comes to little kids. To me, they carry the meaning of life. Often times we belittle them because "they don't know anything"; however, they know the most important thing. They come into this world already knowing the secret of life. The secret on how to live life, which is through pure bliss and happiness. Its crazy, because we were all born with this key to life, but somewhere along the line, we lost it. The sad part is, is that only a few will learn how to get it back. The picture in this article was created by my little cousin. Usually, I don't know what it is she creates and I give a fake nod and say "that's good". However, this time, It's not that i understood what she created, its that she understood what she created and she loved it. Never silence or take away someone's creativity.