“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”

Read Between The Lines was created in 2018 as an emotional outlet. In the past year, RBTL has transformed into more than just a blog. It has become a platform for young women to come to as a haven. An environment that pushes healing, self love, faith, and empowerment in hopes that we can all grow together.







“ How you gonna win, when you ain’t right within?”


Welcome Ladies! Before we start, I want to mention that here in our Sister Space we do it a little different. Before you guys step into this space, I want you to breathe in and out. I want you to focus on your emotions. I want you to reflect on aspects of your life that no longer serve you. Those emotions you are feeling, pay attention to them. Pay attention to how attached you are to them, and let them go. Let them go, so you can allow yourself to learn and grow. Let them go so you can walk into this space prepared to receive all the blessings that await you. In this space, we value your emotional and spiritual health above anything else. We don’t believe you can attain all that life has for you when your mind is filled with things of the past, and toxic habits that you aren’t willing to grow out of. So when you are done, and you feel you are prepared to receive your blessings, we want you to step in here fully and never look back.

Now class is in session!

In this space we offer you all the tips and advice you need to succeed within your personal and professional life. Offering full hour consultation sessions, written tips, online templates, and resources, as well as showing you how to apply all that you learn. Be prepared to leave the Sister Space a whole new person.


Read Between The Lines consistently shares content that is heartfelt, real and relatable. Every time I visit the website I find nuggets of wisdom to apply to my own life, love and overall message of positivity that is being expressed.

— Olivia Stallings
“ With the help of RBTL, I was able to recreate my resume by making it neater and more professional. She did a great job with editing and guiding me through the stages of building. Now I feel more confident when it comes to job hunting. “
— Ifeoma Okafor
The Resume Makeover made my life so much easier. With the help of it, I was able to land a job interview. Nayanka made sure my resume was intact by leaving comments on everything I needed to fix. She also left explanations, so I could further understand her critics. Thank you again.
— Anon
With the help of RBTL, I was able to clean my resume up and find a template that was best suited for my profession. The service provided was very professional. In addition, I was provided with constructive feedback in order to understand why certain edits were made. Now I am more confident to hand in my resume to recruiters and employers that I may meet down the road.
— Nicki Sepahi

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